How to Maintain For your Granite Stone.

Chicago Kitchen Granite Countertop FAQ:

After Chicago Granite and Marble has installed you kitchen Granite countertops then make sure you know what to clean it with. Natural Granite stone is not hard to take care of, but you do need know what to buy for cleaning before your stone purchase. If you are lucky enough to have someone else clean your home make sure they know how to maintain your Granite stone as well. A few minutes can save a lot of money, heartache and stress in the future.

kitchen granite granite countertops

Taken a shine to your new granite countertops? Keep them sparkling 24/7 with these tips on how to clean and maintain granite.

How to clean Kitchen Granite Countertops

All you need to keep your Kitchen Granite Counter top looking great is a little water and a couple of clean cloths. Wet one paper towel with water and, working in small sections, wash an area of countertop. Then, dry this section with the other paper towel. All water contains some amount of minerals. By working in small sections and buffing with the dry paper towel, you will avoid leaving mineral streaks in the granite.

How to Maintain Kitche Granite Countertop

1.Don’t place hot pans directly on granite countertop and use hot pads.
2.Oil based or organinc stains (coffe, tea, fruit) must be removed immediately using a mixture of ammonia and water. Foods stains can be removed using hydrogen peroxide.
3. If granite counter top is exposed to any sort of acidic substance, the original color of granite stones will fade away.

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