Kitchen Granite Countertops – Mistakes made when buying Granite

Kitchen Granite Countertops – top 3 Mistakes made when buying Granite

Granite Countertops #1 Pick out the Precise Granite Slab

Do not pick your Kitchen Granite Countertop color off of a minuscule sample piece. Look at the whole granite slab. Do this always. It’s natural stone, so no two pieces are exactly identical! There can be pattern and color changes in all granite slabs, even if they are consistent. There can be inclusions of a different color or design that is not common to the granite stone. This all happens because it is natural stone and you have to look at the Granite slab as a whole.

granite slab chciago granite countertops
Granite Slab
Granite Countertops #2 Buy What YOU prefer

Don’t pick out your kitchen countertop based on it’s popularity. Why would you buy a certain type of granite just because it is popular and not what YOU love? Why would you go with a Green Mitered Edge detail just because that’s what is currently most popular when you really love a Brown Bullnose Edge Detail? Find out what you like and design your home around that. Popularity does not matter, buy what you like? It is your house and you should love it.

kranite counter top marble granite countertops
Kitchen Granite Countertop – Buy what you prefer !
Granite Countertops #3 Hire Experienced Professionals

Natural Granite stone is not an easy material to work with. It takes experience, talent and machinery and good tools. That is why Chicago Granite and Marble is here. If a stone shop has experienced employees, good machinery and tools, a nice shop, good office people, etc then your countertops are obviously going to be the best out there. Your Granite Countertops are also going to look a lot better and the company is going to be in business longer to honor that warranty down the road.

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