Cleaning Granite Countertop

Granite Countertops Tips

Once your Kitchen Granite Countertops are successfully installed, it is time to make sure it stays shiny and just like new!

Your Granite Countertop may get dirty every once in a while depending on how much you use them. You will want to use an agent that is specifically designed for Kitchen Granite Countertop services. Any harsher chemicals may damage the Granite Countertop surface which will result negatively upon the granite. If you are using a spray bottle, make sure the chemicals get only on the Kitchen Granite Countertop and nowhere else because what you use for cleaning granite may not be at all suitable for wood or glass. Also we try to stress not to put to much pressure on Kitchen Granite Countertops that have less support. For example, the corners of Kitchen Granite Countertops and edges of islands may not have as much support, so do not place very heavy items on those parts. If you do, the Kitchen Granite Countertop may crack.

We hope these tips are helpful to all of those owning Granite Countertops. If you have any questions, please call our number (847)471.7071

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