What is the cost of Granite?

Chicago Kitchen Granite tips: What is the cost of Granite ?

I have been working with granite countertops and just granite in general with many people and this is some information people should know before buying granite:

1. Granite Countertops can really change in price depending on the color shade. Also a lot of other features including finish, edge selection, and sizes can definitely make the price change.

2. Places will give you a square-foot price for granite. You cannot forget the extra charges for extras like adding backsplashes, installation, special edge details, etc.

3. Make sure you receive a free granite estimate onsite. Most places will do this but just to make sure.

4. Ask for granite samples of what they have. Go to homes they already installed and see if you are satisfied with what they have done. Or you can also look at pictures on their websites. Just make sure they are trustworthy.

5. DO NOT go to local mechanical stores. If you want your granite countertops done right, make sure it is a special company that gets the granite done just right with skipping over a detail.

6. The cheapest Granite is not always the best. You may look at a company and say, well that is expensive, but fear not, they will get the job done.

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